Tyrod Taylor glad to get back to football

 Jerseys recovered quickly from his first documented concussion in four years. He was eager to get back on the practice field Wednesday and prove once again he can lead this team to offensive success.

eli manning pro bowl jersey Tyrod Taylor Jerseys Jerseys was feeling a lot better just a handful of days removed from the second documented concussion of his career on Aug. 26th against the Ravens. He was anxious to get back on the practice field with the season opener less than two weeks away, but he knew the concussion protocol process had to run its course. Final clearance came late Tuesday and on Wednesday Taylor could get back to doing what he loves most.

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“I’m glad to be back on the field. Even though it was a couple of days being off you take that away from a guy where it’s what he does for a living it’s definitely tough watching your guys go out there and you can’t participate. And having fun with those guys.”

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Taylor was a full participant in Wednesday’s practice and ran the first team offense in preparation for the season opener Sunday against the Jets.

2016 football pro bowl “I’m back. Offensively, we had a great practice. I feel good. It’s back to game week. My focus is on whatever we’ve got to do to play at a high level and take care of business Sunday.”

All told, Taylor missed two days on the practice field and the team’s final preseason game before returning to practice Monday on a limited basis even though the span between the diagnosis of his concussion in Baltimore and Wednesday was 11 days on the calendar.

And early on in that period, Taylor’s concussion symptoms subsided quickly.

“I was able to be in the facility,” he said. “I wasn’t allowed to work out maybe twice in the time I was off. Once the headaches are clear, and I really didn’t have that symptom too much longer after I actually played in the game, you can start moving forward in the process.

“I was able to be at the facility and watch film and look ahead to the Jets and talking with coach (Rick Dennison) and (quarterbacks) coach (David) Culley and just getting on the same page for what we were going to do leading into this week. I haven’t been completely away from the game. I’ve been still studying and staying sharp and waiting for the moment to be back on the field with the guys.”

That’s why Taylor felt he could pick up where he had left off in terms of practice on the field and chemistry with his teammates. Yes, there is still some ground to cover in syncing up completely with , who has been limited by a sternum injury, but Taylor feels they’re close.

“We’re grinding away each and every day on the field, getting as many extra reps as possible,” said Taylor of building chemistry with Matthews. “We have lockers right beside each other so we’ve been able to talk through a bunch of things. We’ve had two practices now and we’ve been able to work on some things on the field. He and I will cheap jersey be on the same page and see things the same way and let our athletic ability take over when we go out there.”

Taylor’s teammates were also happy to see their starting signal caller back behind center.

“It’s good. He’s our leader,” said Jerseys. “He makes a lot of plays with his arm and his feet. You bring that combination to our offense where you have to stop us in multiple ways. So, he’s a big threat. I’m happy to have him back healthy and ready to go.”

“It’s like the band is getting back together,” said . “We’re all coming back together at the right time getting this thing going. It’s exciting. We’re excited to get this thing started and really just kind of start proving to ourselves what type of team we’re going to be this year.”

Despite being the quarterback, head coach Sean McDermott doesn’t want Taylor to feel obligated to do more than his share of the work.

“Go out and do his job,” McDermott said of what he expects from his starting quarterback. “Be 1/11th. We use that term ‘1/11th’ and that’s another way of saying ‘do your job.’ Be 1/11th of the offense, and that’s what I expect him to do. That’s what I expect of myself, that’s what I expect of every player. Do your job.”

Of course, playing quarterback carries with it a more inflated expectation from the fan base.

“That’s our starting point for our team, one-eleventh, do your job,” Taylor said. “Quarterback is looked at in a different way, but at the same time it boils down to me going out there and executing to the best of my ability each play. I believe that’s what he’s talking about and just from the conversations we’ve had that’s what he’s looking for from each player.

The responsibility that the quarterback position embodies both on and off the field is something that Taylor has willingly embraced since he arrived in Buffalo. He’s led the team to rankings of 12th and 10th in scoring the past two years. Had the Bills defense not underachieved the last two seasons, he may have also helped to eradicate a league-long active playoff drought.

Entering his third year as Buffalo’s starter, Taylor is only focused on what lies in front of him and the chip that was put on his shoulder when he saw 10 quarterbacks drafted ahead of him in 2011.

“In this league, everyone has to prove themselves,” he said. “I’ve taken that approach since day one as a sixth rounder. Of course, I have to prove myself every time I lace my shoes up. I know people are watching and I have something to prove to myself every time I step on the field.

“More importantly it’s not about me, it’s about getting this team to where we set our goals. Me doing my job is part of it and that’s what I’m going to focus on. As long as I’m out there doing my job it gives the guys confidence to go out and make plays as well.”

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